ES 4-5-13

Report just hit...magnet price zone is 44 - 45 but they need to stay above 39 - 40 ..below is 34 - 35....these zones are split up well..If I was to try the long side it would be down near the 34 - 35 in this pre market trade and try to get back to the 39..

we have an overnight low and a VA low down here to get long at the 34 - 35...NOW.!
Originally posted by BruceM

I have stop on last runner at's certainly not looking great so far for my Overnight Low concept..

I hope you hung in there.
I just exited at 39.50....they missed by one tic but just don't have a good read in here....not a great time of day
lots of highs stopped at that weekly high earlier so I don't know what to expect now...I will think short only if we can get back under there and If I am still at the machine...

a good day but don't want too get too goofy on a friday afternoon..even if we get belwo that 39 then the 36 volume is still in my way so best to just get out for me

hope they play well for any that are still fading
research is orders from now fill 43.75... i have learn my lesson..have good weekend
arg...!! sorry to hear that duck but a new day is a dawning for ya..thanks for your honesty

catch up with everyone in two weeks or so...