ES 4-5-13

Report just hit...magnet price zone is 44 - 45 but they need to stay above 39 - 40 ..below is 34 - 35....these zones are split up well..If I was to try the long side it would be down near the 34 - 35 in this pre market trade and try to get back to the 39..

we have an overnight low and a VA low down here to get long at the 34 - 35...NOW.!
I think I will become a daredevil.....this video really is messed up but it's while inthe trade...let me know if the reason sin't clear
No video below? Try this link: stress.swf

It's official - I am out of my freakin mind...Busting my kids outta school again and heading away for two weeks....I'm burned today will be last day posting for a while

jing cut me off so I know I am rambling too much...

watching 34 and 30 - 31 on downside...upside is that 39 then 44 then 47 if I had to write down specific number but better to use zones..

I think as long as we don't start getting below the 1530 then we will go test last weeks lows in the day my bias will still be long side..if wrong then 26 - 27.50 is next
No video below? Try this link: cutme_off.swf

Enjoy yourself BruceM its the Holy Grail - family time
u are so right enjoy everyone
if the theory holds true then we should see another 30 minute bar trade at the IB after 11 a'm we can look at that idea
selling rat 43.75 if it get that high
on my data that IB high has not been retested..missed by a tic so far..

S2 is 42.50 but how many numbers can we watch ??
that was almost perfect except it required a bit of chasing...still the concept is this....

the hour range tests a key range...the 1539...last weeks low..then they break away from that and leave single prints.....then they come back and test that breakout to see if it is real....if it fails really good we have the chance of getting all the way back down to the Overnight lows but who can hold for that and scale out on the way ??

easier to write about it than it is to trade for it ..look where 4 points off this high is that weekly low is still the battle

bottom line....don't expect break aways from the hour range to work well over time without a test back

on the flip side you can look at Monday to see one that least until it was tested the next day !!
in the back of my mind I am thinking about the overnight high or low probability.....and the low has not been breached yet..need a small miracle
I have stop on last runner at's certainly not looking great so far for my Overnight Low concept..
arg...!! sorry to hear that duck but a new day is a dawning for ya..thanks for your honesty

catch up with everyone in two weeks or so...