ES 5-13-13

Some nice zones of Confluence today

Monthly r2, weekly R1 and daily R2 1636 - 1538.50

Last weeks high and daily R1 1632.50 - 1633.50

VA lows and daily S1 and weekly Pivot 1622.50 - 1624..LVN is here too

Big bulk of collected Volume ( hvn)and daily pivot at 1626.50 - 1627

If they can push out beyond that evil low at the 1620 then I will wait until they push under the 1618 number into the 1616.75 - 1617.25 zone to hunt longs..volume and VA's are there and daily S2

Monthly R1 and weekly S1 falls in the 1614.25 - 1615.50 area..It is probably better to create a zone between 1614.25 and 1617.25 !!

best sells will come up near 29 - 30 again and buys under the 24 area..we are still balanced but that will change soon

There is a LVN at 27.50 but it is too close to the 26 volume for me to use wisely. Best to use that 26 - 27 area as a magnet still. The trade would have to set up almost perfect for me to short the 26 - 27 if we open below...If we open above that and drop down to it then it will be ok to try longs because of the uptrend but I will still keep them smaller due to all that magnetic volume there. I'm expecting a test of last weeks highs

some added babble as it may be clearer -

When we open in a weekly range then we have a high probability of returning to that weeks closing price. Compliments from Paul.So with the continued uptrend we are still safer to take longs
No video below? Try this link: monday_5-13.swf

developing Vpoc is at 28.50 so I'm not planning on being a pig just to try to get back to that 26 area...a great day for zones and that's it for me

I was on second try for shorts off that 32- 33.50 zone..just an FYI..this vpoc /poc is at the center of the range...there is no edge here !!!..
if you are a pig you'd want this to stay UNDER the LVN at 30.50....that is also last weeks VA high based on RTH data and 30 minute time bars and Volume VA's...

last weeks close is there too...hope it goes whichever way YOU need it to