ES 6-4-13

are those single prints at 1647 and 1652?
not for me they aren't duck..right now we need to see the LVN players have a weak buying campaign so us who are short have a shot at getting the gap fill below...classic stuff again today

they push to the center of a bell and then they try to have the LVN below become that 38.50 - 40 is support..I want to crack that...ON high is there too...

I want that support to fail so we can get new lows and the gap fill to yesterdays close...

the buyers have that 45 - 47 zone back in their sights....who will win..? Don't know and only our runners care..!!
that overnight high is right at the single prints from friday...we need that to crack to ultimately target the close of yesterday...which also happens to be the POC/vpoc of the overnight
thanks bruce
runners stopped ..will try one more short but I need to see them push above the 45...closer to 47 if I can
nice weak hour breakout so far...42.50 has all the volume today and the center of todays bell
Nice call around the 1645.00 Bruce. Hope you were all over that.

I saw that was the breakout level from to days ago and the IB low too,

wasn't sure why you like it so much other than that?
my ramble for today...when I retire from trading and making videos at the same time I am going to become a bullet proof vest tester !!

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_speed_ramble.swf

Your video explains a lot Bruce thanks
cool Sharks....I often forget the auction point concept and the previous IB's....amazing how all this stuff comes up with the same common numbers

not working anything now...If we can drop down into thee 33- 34 area then I may look for longs...but keep it small
almost perfect extension on both sides of the far..