Is There Any Alternative to Forex?

Doesn’t It Look Like a Big Scam? Is There Any Alternative to Forex?

Hi, everyone! We are all here joined by one aim – making money online trading at the most reliable market place. Many people tend to choose FOREX, when it comes to trading online. But is it really so great and trustworthy as it may seem to be at first glance?

According to Adam Hamilton, a professional independent business analyst, FOREX market has lost its financial free spirit. There are more and more cases that prove it is controlled by a tiny group of brokers.

Don’t you find that it makes almost impossible to predict the future prices? It’s like playing roulette: you never know when you will win.
Taking this fact into consideration, there is nothing strange why so many brokers lose their money when trading on FOREX.

That is why, I’m looking for an alternative to Forex. Can you please, share any ideas on this? Thanx a lot!
If currencies are what you trade, try the futures contracts.
If you ask 5 gurus a question, you will get 4 different opinions if you're lucky. Trading is personal, what & how you trade is personal preference, it's different for everyone. Your success depends on how disciplined you are & how well you control your emotions. No one ever knows when they will win. All anyone can do is put the odds in their favor by using some type of analysis, if the odds are in your favor, you will win over time. With one good set up in any instrument you can win. I think forex charts are sloppy & hard to read, but that's just me, some folks love it.
Thanx for your advice. Your ideas sound very reasonably. However, I still have doubts as far as forex is concerned. Can you advise me any other platforms to trade?
Agree with ETM above. Trade on the CME for EC SF AD CD BP and JY These all USD crosses. For other crosses you will have to trade FX Whatever you trade you have to control your losses. If you do not manage risk you will blow up and they will carry you out. Google Nadex. Easy way to manage risk and learn how to trade.
Thank you so much! I'll try them out. Yesterday I came across UInvest. Have you heard anyhing about it? Is it worth trying?