ES Wednesday 8-28-13

here's how I see it so far...hoping to revise a bit as overnight unfolds

No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

and now I need my earl grey tea !!
thanks Bkay...the plans are coming together well...I'm hoping some can see the subtle shift back to more price action but also realizing the confluence of the overnight data ( traders). This doesn't take away from the market profile work, it just helps give more confidence to our areas
not around to trade today but wanted to say (for the gazillion time) how impressive it is to watch bruce's pre market analysis turn into reality as soon as the market opens...congrats bruce !

catch u guys tomorrow
and another thing is usually much better to use these magnets as targets if you can....initiating at them can be much more difficult
thanks for the kind words goal as always is to help those trying to find their way with the ES as day traders.....many already can "see" the areas and have their own plan and that is great to hear......the goal is to always do your own work and beg , borrow and steal from others who seems to be doing it self sufficient ultimately !

my constant posting not only helps me BURN ideas into my own brain ( repetition is the mother of skill) but hopefully helps others on their some might say I am selfish because I benefit too !!

and I always enjoy other peoples posts and ideas too as it is the LOSER who has too much ego and thinks that they know it all..

we are all constantly learning and that's why I love this market
I think the only other GOOD place to try trades from would be to see them push out the IB highs and take out the overnight high into that 35 to 36 area...leaving single prints on the ib high breakout would add more confidence to the fade if/when 35-36 comes...

a better idea is to close down the platform, be satisfied and go do something else !!
there are currently single prints on the break away from the IB high...I would have liked to see the 35 print at least before thinking about going for the 33 retest ( that is Ib high price)...

we may still get the chance but go easy as we had a great morning and it's ok to be wrong as long as we trade small and don't mind giving up a 1-1.5 points of profits if it doesn't work out..after that i see nothing else !!