ES Thursday 8-29-13

here are my numbers and how they are derived...hoping to formulate the trading plan after 9 a.m.
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

so far it seems that 32.75 is going to be the magnet price for us early on...that ledge seems too obvious and that is real close to the Overnight midpoint as I type..also that ledge is the VA low from yesterday
I had 1644.00 as an HVN on a composite chart with 1640.00 CLVN, I think 39 looks good too.
that's me done on the 40.50 good way to trade this garbage and low volatility...that is torture...when they hit the 40.75 and popped it up I thought I made a mistake ...luckily it hit my target to the tic......

we have a triple 30 minute top - that certainly doesn't seem to show much selling I am glad to be out and have no clue which way they want to bring ....perhaps the low volume of the 39.50 - 40.50 will turn into support to go get that crappy high

good luck from here
I just hate that triple top so this may have just been a gift....good luck if u r holding sharks...hope it drops for ya
Just trying to see if my read is correct no real trade
Went short from 43.50 will see if it holds. Looking for 1639.00 if I'm lucky.
Hope so Sharks, Kinda surprised they didn't take the singles on the first try. But with that volume drop off I guess anything goes. Hopefully they go get that 39 and then attack the poor high.
Need to break this 42.00 area again
Getting back to the IB hi would be nice
very nice...congrats to u guys who were on that...
Out at 39.00
I have 35ish, if it goes there. I'd still rather see a long move to 45.00. But I won't be here to trade it. See ya.