ES Thursday 8-29-13

here are my numbers and how they are derived...hoping to formulate the trading plan after 9 a.m.
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

so far it seems that 32.75 is going to be the magnet price for us early on...that ledge seems too obvious and that is real close to the Overnight midpoint as I type..also that ledge is the VA low from yesterday
MP chart with levels...that selloff has me updating the chart and coming withthe that 28...buying tail and use the 30.50 as a furts magnet

video coming
damn...overnight is even harder for me to plan to initiate, spell correctly and get out a video...
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_2.swf

in at 28.50...more patient traders will probably be able to buy lower...had to revise plan and take the trade in ON
Sorry, I cant run the gap code today.

Too busy with other stuff.

I haven't even had time to watch Bruce's video...
One thing about last two days that is interesting to me is failure on the lift yesterday right near the OPEN of the huge Gap DOwn Tuesday... The open that day was 1638.00 so yesterday might have been DEFENSE of that level.
taking something at 30.50...entry was two points off first target....why I took it and that buying tail....critical spot..trying to hold for 32.25....c'mon miracles
not sure they are gonna make it so easy for gap fillers...may test the lows again...hope not.....
thanks Bruce great education
took the rest off at 32.50...this was a smaller campaign because it was put on in the overnight so I get out quicker and heavier up most came off at the 30.50.....then the runners go for the miracles at 9:45
your very welcome Rburns......

I've been trying to make the videos earlier so most can see the key areas....the problem with that is the market can change fast so posting the trade plan often has to be done after the sorry for video overload today....but it was needed to show what had happened and having that overnight midrange move down was cool and a big help for our magnet work

Originally posted by rburns

thanks Bruce great education
Overload? No such thing,Always appreciate the effort Bruce.
I have 35ish, if it goes there. I'd still rather see a long move to 45.00. But I won't be here to trade it. See ya.