ES Thursday 8-29-13

here are my numbers and how they are derived...hoping to formulate the trading plan after 9 a.m.
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

so far it seems that 32.75 is going to be the magnet price for us early on...that ledge seems too obvious and that is real close to the Overnight midpoint as I type..also that ledge is the VA low from yesterday
when we open out of value and test down into a buying tail and reject it then it is safer to buy the opening range is still an aggressive trade but the context helps.....

This 35 - 36 is our upper will be interesting what happens up here.....just standing buy now....

trying to concentrate on only one or two good trades per A.M. session and if the first one goes well then there isn't as much incentive to trade more for me
so today we opened out of value and immediately went back in...that tells you that so far nothing has changed from the previous day..

I'm thinking the 35 - 36 will turn into support and the Overnight high and yesterdays highs will get taken out.....

trade back under that 32.75 will change that idea
this is where a probability trader can go crazy...they know 96 % of the time the O/N high or low will get broken and so far none they want to go get one of those extremes

so the failure of 35 - 36 to NOT be resistance may give us a clue up here and we can take the that spot if u dare !!
Thanks for the info Bruce. Always helpful.
no problem Mr G...they want to hold that 35 - 36 now....buyers need that to become support on this little dip
cool Bkay...hope the ideas help !!

I think all those trying for that O/N high have stops at 54.50..just under that swing point
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Overload? No such thing,Always appreciate the effort Bruce.
here's what they are trying to do from a price action view and that 35 - 36 zone...
No video below? Try this link: thrusday_3.swf

very cool and congrats to any who took it and held for that..nice structure today
sure seems like the failure up at 39 area is gonna try for the 36 again....
they are trying to leave single prints on the IB breakout....and 41.40 - 41.75 is the next key zone....I'd like to try the fade up here to target the 39 - 40 now that the 36 didn't get tested..
I have 35ish, if it goes there. I'd still rather see a long move to 45.00. But I won't be here to trade it. See ya.