ES Monday 9-9-13

here's how I have it....a bell within a bell trades for me until we trade above 60 or below 56....aggressive,,,,better to wait to see a push out of the VA high or low for less aggressive traders

hoping we get the push UP first for fades...

we have the 67 - 70 zone as critical and then a zone at 73 - 75.....had lots to say today but ran out of time
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dt ..the floating add gets in the way of the video on the right side in google chrome...just an FYI
on the 61.50 short...don't think this will be easy..58.50 is target......better fades come from above 63 if they keep pushing
revising first target to 59.50...right near On high
the 60 .50 may be turning into support so we can't stay on this for too long.....we need it to crack on this test or else get stopped at new highs or sooner
exited at 61.75......will try again from new highs above va high or if they can get back under 60.50
probably better to look for the fade above last weeks 64 -65 ....or above 67
on the 65 short....67 will be critical to me....i want price to get back into fridays highs an target 62.50
60.50 is secondary target...lets see if they can get back to our zone......need to stay inside fridays highs
lvn/breakout point is at 60 even...i want to be out in front of that and the On high
the ideal for me would be to see this 30 minute bar close under last Fridays 2.5 points or more....then maybe we will have a shot at the 58.50 retest and watch the 64 still seems that the missing tooth has to fill in down at 57 and of course we have our overnight midpoint but I'm probably dreaming again
Nick P....I saw your comments and you are correct there was a one tick bracket low test earlier....for me I expect a bracket test anytime the market is pushing in one direction for 90- 120 minutes.....hence my I expect a breather after a push for that duration...especially once we get into key zones.

sorry If I confused anyone with that post below
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look at that, they can't take that bracket low yet....last bar was an inside bar as per 30 minute....don't really want that to come out of those runner stop is there.....

ahhh...there is bracket low test...disregard above babble