ES Monday 9-9-13

here's how I have it....a bell within a bell trades for me until we trade above 60 or below 56....aggressive,,,,better to wait to see a push out of the VA high or low for less aggressive traders

hoping we get the push UP first for fades...

we have the 67 - 70 zone as critical and then a zone at 73 - 75.....had lots to say today but ran out of time
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

It looks tough up here after the run up....

Weak delta but prices not dropping off
Pretty unimpressed with the volume overall, I thought we might see some return, just a little.
If we get above 68 I'll put a trailer on my runners and walk away for a while
just a peak as to why I have numbers up here....probably for the newer viewers.....but it explains this 67 number and then the 69 - 71 up top ...we should still see a test of a previous bracket low but I'm not sure if it's gonna happen off the 67 or it will happen if/when it runs up into the 69 - 71 and then does the test back...

so this is more of a tech review...then I see what has happened with the profile to confirm it all

should have said " July 26th a month EARLIER ".....

No video below? Try this link: monday_tech_review.swf

i want to see what happens once we get above the LVN at 69.75.......then this gets more attention...I'd like to look for shorts up in here now
nice trade bkay !!!
Thanks Bruce, It was more an exercise in patience than anything else, but it started working.
my shorts will try to target 67.25 down there and an old line on the chart....will try multilple small tries up in here...not a great time of day to be a fader
on my data official single print is 67 so I'm try to get out in front of that
a quick pic of how we are hitting into zone two mentioned on the video....interesting area but not one for me to trade very heavy at......i'd be more aggressive if we were on the upper end of this zone......
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Nick P....I saw your comments and you are correct there was a one tick bracket low test earlier....for me I expect a bracket test anytime the market is pushing in one direction for 90- 120 minutes.....hence my I expect a breather after a push for that duration...especially once we get into key zones.

sorry If I confused anyone with that post below
Originally posted by BruceM

look at that, they can't take that bracket low yet....last bar was an inside bar as per 30 minute....don't really want that to come out of those runner stop is there.....

ahhh...there is bracket low test...disregard above babble