ES Monday 9-9-13

here's how I have it....a bell within a bell trades for me until we trade above 60 or below 56....aggressive,,,,better to wait to see a push out of the VA high or low for less aggressive traders

hoping we get the push UP first for fades...

we have the 67 - 70 zone as critical and then a zone at 73 - 75.....had lots to say today but ran out of time
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

pulled off at the 60.50 target....we drove out of value and range and then closed back in...maybe the 30 minute rule players will play today........3 contracts left for 58.75, 57.50 and stop is in an obvious place at 64 only because I have something I need to get done in the next 1/2 hour otherwise i would try to manage these harder...
Sweet trade so far Bruce
thanks Sharks....I don't have great faith in it from here...once again we are stuck inside the IB and I would imagine there are many stops sitting above the double highs at 63.25.....see 5 minute chart ......

I think the best trade might come if they can push out the current RTH highs up into the 67 - 69 zone and leave single prints on The Ib breakout to come back and test....but I'm certainly not Nostradamus !!

Not getting back to the open and the fact that we are staying above the "Inner" bell i mentioned on the video - the 60 this has me thinking that the rest of this trade is not gonna go my way
I was watching that 61.50 area, now I like your assessment
Watching this 64.50 area to see if it breaks free to the 67.25 Composite LVN
Nice area Sharks, I will take a long on a retrace to 65.50 to try and get into that thin area above.
On the 65.50 long
Will take some off at 66.75, then see if we can get above it all
Really need 65 to hold to feel good
We filled in Bruce's single prints now we need to take out the 67.00 area or we might fade back to the 63.00 area again IMHO...

Hope you get your target bkay...
Nick P....I saw your comments and you are correct there was a one tick bracket low test earlier....for me I expect a bracket test anytime the market is pushing in one direction for 90- 120 minutes.....hence my I expect a breather after a push for that duration...especially once we get into key zones.

sorry If I confused anyone with that post below
Originally posted by BruceM

look at that, they can't take that bracket low yet....last bar was an inside bar as per 30 minute....don't really want that to come out of those runner stop is there.....

ahhh...there is bracket low test...disregard above babble