ES Friday 9-13-13

lehman's fall 5y anniversary !

this is what i have (no chart, sorry...may be later today)

78 (yest rth vpoc) is the key for me...holding above it still paints a bullish picture and yest hod (83.25) prior o/n high (84) is a natural zone to visit if that 78 area holds...above that 83-84 the strongest area i see is 89-91...we have a nice selling tail at 85.5-86.5 from 8/14 so that is a potential sell as well

below we have the onl (74) and all those spikes down from yest rth session (75, 75.75 and 74.75), so i guess u could call it 74-76 or so...i would be cautious if we break below that but think 69.25-71.25 can still hold its is the bottom of the current bell curve we have formed over the past 3-4 days, so we might see a reaction there....below that, we have air (and a dalton gap) all the way down to 65ish, so that is a natural place for buys as well...won't go much further because today might not see a huge range with fomc lurking next week

good trading
either they r gonna take out that spike high or 77.75 has to go...make your bets....i am holding runners here...took a long at 78 after the open and scaled onh and on that spike...runners aiming for 83-84, will stop below 77.75
watching this 1675.00 as a VPOC of the last 4 days
Correction last 3 days below that 1666.50 then 1664.25
that 74-76 area i mentioned above worked well, yet again (it won't last forever though)

gap in the data at 78.75 so i will be taking most off at 78.5 (in from 75.25)...that composite vpoc of the last few days at 75 was a nice safety net...whoever was buying there yest, is still defending that area today

tick not that great so not expecting a complete rejection (i.e back to yest highs) until that changes
Nick pls post those winning trades before as that would be more helpful
we just got a nice 800 tick print on that spike up to fill the gap in the i will keep runners (1/3 of initial position) aiming for the highs now that we got that tick i was looking for...might not work, but odds favor it now, especially if we start to hold above that 78 i mentioned earlier

in any case, hope someone could catch that long off that 74-76 area...
unfortunately i am not bruce, so i do what i can in terms of trading comes first....i mentioned the areas i was looking at so you could have guessed that i was looking long in the 74-76 area.....that should be helpful, and not just my entry or my exit...i expect no one to shadow anyone else' trades without doing their own work...

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Nick pls post those winning trades before as that would be more helpful
how will that be helpfull to no his entry? he gave the zone in advance..
exactly my point above

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how will that be helpfull to no his entry? he gave the zone in advance..
Many thanks for posting your zones. This board has has discussed many times in the past, that past posting trades is not helpful as most people will never past post a losing trade from a previously mention zone. I care not to piggyback any ones trades. I am glad you had a winner and hope you have many more, however i believe that your post would have been just as helpful without after the fact telling us you took it.
Nickp I fully appreciate your posting and find them valuable. Winning trades take care of themselves and few additional thoughts are rarely given. I find looking at my losing trades my key for improvement. Good trading to all and have a fun weekend.