ES Friday 9-13-13

lehman's fall 5y anniversary !

this is what i have (no chart, sorry...may be later today)

78 (yest rth vpoc) is the key for me...holding above it still paints a bullish picture and yest hod (83.25) prior o/n high (84) is a natural zone to visit if that 78 area holds...above that 83-84 the strongest area i see is 89-91...we have a nice selling tail at 85.5-86.5 from 8/14 so that is a potential sell as well

below we have the onl (74) and all those spikes down from yest rth session (75, 75.75 and 74.75), so i guess u could call it 74-76 or so...i would be cautious if we break below that but think 69.25-71.25 can still hold its is the bottom of the current bell curve we have formed over the past 3-4 days, so we might see a reaction there....below that, we have air (and a dalton gap) all the way down to 65ish, so that is a natural place for buys as well...won't go much further because today might not see a huge range with fomc lurking next week

good trading
i hear ya rburns...i thought that even a past trade could help someone, in the sense that you can see how and why a trade is taken, what are the profit targets, runners and stops...i like to see bruce's logic for example, even if it is not in real time...there's a lot to learn from that imo....but if that is not helpful to others then i won't post them

and it is also great to have people post ideas, right or wrong...
Interesting how we had a reaction in prices around the 10:30 -10:45 time frame the last three days, coincidence or some bigger players actually stepping in?
shark i took a day trading course in late 90's call gen x by eddie c..he had 3 time zone that he watch for reversal( 1) 10-1045 (2)12-1(3)2-245 i had found that periods 1 and 3 where the best for reversal..just notice the noon period produce a 2 point reversal..
Thx Duck,
I think time should be a factor in your trading plan to coincide with price levels.
Most economic news comes out at 10AM or so, you would expect prices to react. After the news is out it gets tougher to judge.
Nickp I fully appreciate your posting and find them valuable. Winning trades take care of themselves and few additional thoughts are rarely given. I find looking at my losing trades my key for improvement. Good trading to all and have a fun weekend.