ES Monday 9-30-13

a bit rough today but this highlights the key zones and confirms what the O/N is showing also shows how we can use just bar charts for those who don't appreciate the profile or want to use that kind of visual

criticial resistance if it shows up will be 78.50 - 80.50 but we can also try sells into the other zone mentioned on the begins into the gap so we need to see what happens under 70.50..with 65.50 as another extreme to buy off of
No video below? Try this link: monday_perspective.swf

any buys into the 65.50 - 67 zone would want to be out before the 70.50 just to be safe
hope u got it bruce, a bit too fast of an open for me to try to fade it...where you using 67 because that would be aprox. half that gap between 65.25 and 69-70 ? i did not see it mentioned in your video but i am assuming it is due to what i mentioned

i had an open gap at 63.25 so was hoping for it to poke into that 63.25-65.25 for me to jump long

i have that same 78.5-80.5 as bruce above and 60-61.5 (below that 63.25-65.25 zone)

seems like this onl -onvpoc (69.5-71.5) is the battlezone and whoever wins it could have a 6-8 move from there
Nick...look at single prints from overnight on that gap day...( the overnight session before the gap higher open).down near the 67 area....should have mentioned I created the zone...but your observation is correct....many will use 1/2 the gap distance..........a gap is just an invisible buying or selling tail anyway...
yep, just saw that single print....thanks bruce
these buyers all want to see if the 74 - 75 will hold on any retest down.....they see fridays lows in sight....I'm more concerned with that 78.50 area if / when they break the IB high
just made a video of some market profile views of the stuff I was babbling about this morning as I may have been a bit unclear and referred to thinks incorrectly....confusion may come from the fact that I refer to the bell curve from 9-13 and in this video now I refer to the bell curve of just last hopefully I didn't bring in more confusion
No video below? Try this link: monday_finale.swf

great video bruce !
thanks Guestimate is that 85 % of the time some POC from Some prior day is tagged.....that current double top doesn't show quick rejection to me of yesterdays my guess is that as long as they can stay away from those lows at 74 - 75 then they will push to new highs at least and try to go for the 1684 POC