ES Wednesday 10-2-13

levels I'm using today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_levels.swf

oh well...for those who don't know it takes a little bit of time to upload a video to the that video probably isn't as timely as I would have liked it but hopefully the reasons for the trade and reasons for that 83.75 target come through
trying for 82 on last..I see a volume node on 30 minute at 81.75 and this is bottom edge of the bell...I think I may be alone today ...LOL !!
this gonna be last trade campaign anyway....
great trading bruce ! i was on the 86.75 short but did not even wait for that 83.75 ledge...was out a few ticks above

this v bottom rejections are tough, becuase they can run over a few zones before one ends up working

surprised they did not test taht 69-71 in the morning, especially given how negatively biased internals were

anyway, just wanted to say taht the videos are great, live or not !
I was here all day learning from your posts Bruce, thanks for all you do!