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ES Wednesday 10-2-13

levels I'm using today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_levels.swf

that's on video number one sharks....quick answer is YES...anything over that 81.50 swing from the overnight should be watched
trying shorts at 83.75....will watch 85 closely
taking something at 81.75......
selling 85.25...this is a zone extreme of a bell......and trend low test too
trying for 82.75...infront of trend test
think I may be a little early on this sell...seems like they will really need to peak above 85.75....
still not convinced...seems like this might be the lowest range 30 minute bar of the drive up...but we haven't officially gone into the zone above...
any shorts taken from 85.75 - 87 will be using 83.75 as a target...this is a better zone to play in...I hope !!...I got stopped on my 85.25 and will look again up here
I have 86.50 shorts working....bracket test is here....not worth too much...still see a ledge on one minute at 83.75
here's how I played this and runners gunning for's a mad cap review of some of the levels......certainly not a perfect day but cool how roles reverse off the levels
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_two_001.swf

I was here all day learning from your posts Bruce, thanks for all you do!
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