ES Wednesday 10-2-13

levels I'm using today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_levels.swf

ran out of time and didn't get to show the Mp chart below the O/N low so here it is for those interested in how the MP can confirm the price action levels
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_two.swf

i donot trust that On poc and buying tail area so I passed and will pass on buys or sells off that.......will wait to an extreme for fades today..I think good odds they will come back through the open low anyway.....and won't just rally away without looking back to that area
they are doing the "pause" first today so keeping that in the back of my mind because they alternate between Pause and will be more cautious if they trend it into and through one of our zones...otherwise just waiting....and thankful to be just can anyone trade that ??
nice videos burce...

impossible to trade this chop...breaking below the onl and yest rth low gives me some caution but unless internals and tick look awful i will try a long at 69-71....below that we still have that 65.25 bottom of the gap area and an open gap at 63.25 with nice resistance also in the 60.5-62.5, so you could make it a 60.5-63ish, and watch that 65.25 to see if long s get above it or not

above that area that bruce mentioned around 81.75-83.ish is critical and they haven't been able to even test it...tht says a lot

as i am typing we are breaking down, tick is completely below zero and internals diving so quick scales are in order for me in case i get long in the zone below (69-71)
I agree Bruce, I believed a breakout was going to happen after a narrow range first half hour, I got whip sawed before it broke down.
trying first long from 74....will try multiple tries and prefer to see the 70 - 72 area print....cautious in there....this is ugly trade and my charts seem goofy today
76. single prints is target...I think I have data issues...
best for me was 77.50....flat now...will wait until one of the IB ranges runs out before thinking of trading again
77.50 -78.25 was/is a key zone mentioned on the first video that I didn't want to initiate clue what will or should happen from here
Was 82.25-82.50 an area to watch Bruce in your opinion? It looked to hold as support prior now resistance maybe (on a TPO chart)?
I was here all day learning from your posts Bruce, thanks for all you do!