ES Tuesday 10-15-13

1704.50 is magnet price for me today

1699 - 1700.50 first zone

then 96.50

key LVN at 92- 93.50

above is 1707.50 and 1710
hmm..I just realized I can vote today...not sure why some days I can and sometimes I can't..

sure seems like everyone is still watching to see if that Breakout up from Fridays high was the real that 99,50 - 1701.50 is the zone to watch and I have developing time and volume lines there now too from TODAY

imagine,.some think previous weekly highs and lows don't matter !! well they do in my world
bruce, i have 706.25 as poc for 9/20, so it closed today on that touch of 706.5...i had 706-707 as a zone as shown on that chart i posted early this morning, to account for yest rth high, that poc and a little edge from 9/20 at 07

hope it helps

Originally posted by BruceM

I'm looking for someone with tic data to verify a zone I'm babbling about on this video......and I fess up to a mistake I made which cost me an opportunity today
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_part_two.swf