ES Wednesday 10-23-13

I mention on the video the 34 - 32 which is a mistake...I prefer to see them push under 36 down towards 34 ......This would be a better trade setup if they just blow through that 38 Volume node which I do not think will happen.....regardless of what I said on the video...I think 44 - 46 is first resistance zone if we open under that tail at 42.25 and O/N vpoc.......buys off the zones would have to use 42.25 first and sells off the 44 - 46 would have to use 42.25 as a first target too.

I will be buying small in On to target O/N midpoint and also using 40.50 and 38 for first try at longs in day session...especially if we haven't traded to the 42.25 yet.....the best longs will come if we push under the O/N lows under 36 towards 1734 ...and then use 38 as a magnet...this is an additional entry if we sell off some today

running late today...
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

secondary target is 39.75 but I know we have all that volume in here....this was lower edge of bell... a harder trade to get runners to actually work because volume in center may get in our way
i want this to stay above that big volume node at 38 now......they may just pull it back and forth...took runners at 39.75 and trying to hold for 42.50 but that requires us getting back through that LVN zone again from first chart on video
oh man..getting lucky took something at 41.25....only one contract left for 42.50 magnet
typo/....magnet was 42.25...flat now...see above posts for magnet
looks like the forum is drying up again....hard to keep interest here
Don't know enough to post. But definitely lurking and learning. Appreciate all you do, Bruce.
just checking from my phone bruce...will be back tomorrow from a mini vacation...seems 36 is still creating problems for bears
nice call on that 1734 area order was at 1764.25..sigh
this video I'm just trying to clarify a few points...hope it helps...most of the time has been spent ABOVE the 37.50 - 38.50 HVN today that still seems good for will be interesting to watch this finish today.....closing right at that node is not great for bulls...they need to get the close high and get beyond the low volume zone of the 41 - 42.25
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_two.swf

Really appreciate what you do Bruce. Hope to contribute more in the future... not there yet.