ES Wednesday 10-23-13

I mention on the video the 34 - 32 which is a mistake...I prefer to see them push under 36 down towards 34 ......This would be a better trade setup if they just blow through that 38 Volume node which I do not think will happen.....regardless of what I said on the video...I think 44 - 46 is first resistance zone if we open under that tail at 42.25 and O/N vpoc.......buys off the zones would have to use 42.25 first and sells off the 44 - 46 would have to use 42.25 as a first target too.

I will be buying small in On to target O/N midpoint and also using 40.50 and 38 for first try at longs in day session...especially if we haven't traded to the 42.25 yet.....the best longs will come if we push under the O/N lows under 36 towards 1734 ...and then use 38 as a magnet...this is an additional entry if we sell off some today

running late today...
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

.best is to wait until we get to 40 or under to hunt longs or above 44 to try shorts....and then use that 42.25 as a target....
42.25 is magnet !!
aggressive traders will be watching to see if yesterdays buying tail can hold to get LONG !!
very confusing picture in here I think.....numbers too close and I think todays video reflects the confusion I have
I'm gong to look for buys under YD lows towards O/N POC of anything under 41.25 gets my attention...with 40.75 as the first key price
scariest part of any longs is that all those that got long late on this rally could be SELLING since we are under yesterdays lows
we need this to start holding above 43 ...that tail point if we are gonna get lucky.....otherwise they may dip down later..
will try to target 44.50...that dips us into key resistance zone
on second try from 40.25.....want 42.50
not going far for me before stop outs so far.....on third try.....from 36.50 and will add at 34 is 38....
Really appreciate what you do Bruce. Hope to contribute more in the future... not there yet.