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ES Thursday 10-31-13

Trick or treat !! Made some errors and forgot to mention a few about 3:35 into the video I said VA that 65.50 goes well with a previous VA HIGH.....also note how the 58.75 area goes well with Mondays lows........this is a great example of how ranges, VA's and HVN and lvns can reverse roles....

here is the video..
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

gap in the data at 56 if we could find the long....i will try on a push to 53...but play just may be that our 54.50 turned into reistence and they will now push to the 49 - 50
54.50 is a wall right now
I will stop out at a retest of 52 even now ...all the volume is at 53.50 so hopefully we won't be stuck at a developing bell curve...we are consolidationg UNDER that 54.50 which in general is NOT good for our long try....
lucky and taking something at 55.25....we know how gaps in data and developing LVN's can mess us up
developing bell curve so exited at 52.50
seems like they want that 49 - 50...good luck shorts
gonna try once more long from 53.25...not a great price and developing keeping it very small
"b" profile shape
finally got the 55.75..that is lvn is still there to torture us though...trying to hold only one for 57.50...volume is there....will stop out on runner at 33.50
gap in data at 53, and at 56

Originally posted by BruceM

gonna try once more long from 53.25...not a great price and developing keeping it very small
now what do they do...go back for the gap in data at 53 ? that would be too funny...but that 56 may be in the way of that and they may be working on the double distribution day
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