ES Thursday 10-31-13

Trick or treat !! Made some errors and forgot to mention a few about 3:35 into the video I said VA that 65.50 goes well with a previous VA HIGH.....also note how the 58.75 area goes well with Mondays lows........this is a great example of how ranges, VA's and HVN and lvns can reverse roles....

here is the video..
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

ideal would be to run out ledge above 61 now...
damn...I'm rusty this morning.....averaged in at 60.75...try for 58.50
getting beyond 62.75 will be a big concern on this short
revising first target to 58.75
...if that 61 - 62 lvn can hold then we have a chance to go tag that 54.50...........always best to coome out heavy at a first target....we don't know if they will hold inside the VA low
taking something at 55.50....trying to holk last for that 54.50 but keeping this real tight in front of a TIME POC
$%%^&&....slow at posting and trading.....LOL...flat on this short.....will watch this closely to see if it can turn into support but would only trade against this light...and use 57.50 as a target....we are in the buyiing tail now....
Way to hang in there Bruce.
one TRICK ( they tricked me on first short) and one very good TREAT !
thanks Bkay......I'd like to see them get back above the 54.50 and see price firm up to hunt longs.......we know sellers will try to push for the 49 - 50.50...the fact that they are stopping at ONn lows and yesterdays lows exactly tells me that big money is probably not in here pushing this around...if I was a big seller I'd just be plowing everyone over and not reacting at any levels...but still we never really know.....

all those matching lows are certainly suspicious....lets see what happens when they run em out
now what do they do...go back for the gap in data at 53 ? that would be too funny...but that 56 may be in the way of that and they may be working on the double distribution day