ES Monday 11-11-13

first picture is what i had based on friday's rth and the second one includes the o/n data to see if the areas were respected overnight...seems like they have spent most of the time at the top of fri's range and have held above the 62-63 edge of the area below, so taht is key this morning for me....above we have 71-71.5 and then the all time high area at 73.5-74.5....above that is just whatever we can find in terms of weekly and daily pivots (weekly r1 at 78, and daily r1 at 77.5 seems to be a nice confluence)

good luck today

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thanks Nick
Thanks Nick for kicking things off. Happy Veterans Day to all those who served and sacrificed.
no problem rburns....

below 62-62.75 it gets a bit tricky becuase we have a few lines pretty close to each other....i will probably wait for the 56.5-58 area if that 62-62.75 area fails...after that i think the most important sppp will come from the 50.25-52.25

i expect very choppy price action, especially after the first 90m
Good morning.. im expecting a high today , probably early (10-11 am?) , then consolidation into wed. whether that occurs or not, here is a brief look at the bigger picture....iid love to buy lower . support might be at 62 and change ,and much better at 1356. resistance could be 1770.75, then 1774 area of the current all time high, then 1777, and 1782. (all subject to adjustment with the short term projections.) notice we are breaking the 30 min red avg on our way to 1762.50 the black avg...
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es 12 13 30 min 11112013
It will be interesting to see if they can break this 68 area and go for 1770.75!...If so i may do a small sell there
ugh... my order to sell was at 1770.50, missing by one tick...i would have taken profit at 1767.50-68...sigh
Nice call on the resistance - head/shoulder pattern from 11/6.
Was really hoping for a long signal on a VAH retest, didn't quite get there though. Sooner or later we have to clean up that GLOBEX high.
Long from 67.75 small
man, sometimes the trades i miss hurt worse than the losers!
If I come across $12.50 scattered on the street, I'll bend over to pick it up, especially if the vig is only $4.90. Alternatively, if someone offers me $7.60 to watch their car for 2 hours, I'll tell them to f**k off. On the other hand, if the pay-out is $7.60 times X, I'll be as accommodating as 'X' is large. Good onya, Blue; I hope X was BIG!