ES Monday 11-11-13

first picture is what i had based on friday's rth and the second one includes the o/n data to see if the areas were respected overnight...seems like they have spent most of the time at the top of fri's range and have held above the 62-63 edge of the area below, so taht is key this morning for me....above we have 71-71.5 and then the all time high area at 73.5-74.5....above that is just whatever we can find in terms of weekly and daily pivots (weekly r1 at 78, and daily r1 at 77.5 seems to be a nice confluence)

good luck today

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It's the bane of our existence, Blue - we want a one-tic fill followed immediately by a 6" bar in the opposite direction.
i hear ya kool...i was waiting for 71 and never got it...and also wanted 62.75 after the open and we came close, but no cigar unfortunately...

i most likely will sit out this afternoon because at this pace it will likely get volumeless....

Originally posted by koolblue

man, sometimes the trades i miss hurt worse than the losers!
Holding above value but without vigor
Well that little snap into value took me out for a small loser.
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es 12 13 10 min 11112013
Well Nick you sure are getting your chop
be advised there are negative divergencies with the technicals seen on a ten min chart and hourly too. Also you could make a case for a triangle of sorts since that 10:00 o clock high.. when she breaks up, or down she will travel. Except for the divergencies, a fairly neutral market so far...
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scott update
Theoretically, they should be winding up for at least a 5 handle move from the apex which i judge to be 1767.50.. Any comments?
If I come across $12.50 scattered on the street, I'll bend over to pick it up, especially if the vig is only $4.90. Alternatively, if someone offers me $7.60 to watch their car for 2 hours, I'll tell them to f**k off. On the other hand, if the pay-out is $7.60 times X, I'll be as accommodating as 'X' is large. Good onya, Blue; I hope X was BIG!