ES Thurs 11-14-13

Here's what i have...only one chart with all session data (dotted lines are based on o/n action)...

pretty clear curves and zones to work from below

i have daily and weekly pivots in the 87-89 areaa and then up at 95 and 99-00...but remember there is no hard resist above current highs

good luck

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looks like u were. it is on the way to test the high I think.. then perhaps more i hope..;- )
well, i raised my stop to 1783.00 so im risking 62 bucks to make 250. and if stopped i still had a decent day today. Its just hard for me to believe this is it for the day.. so far that would be a 11 handle day. certainly possible but rare lately.
i really need to see 1777.00 to print on this rally so we continue the higher highs and higher lows pattern seen during this whole sideways consolidation.Well, you guys know the trade and more important the reasons , so i will shut up for a while... i tend to overpost!
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es 12 13 3 min 11142013
..dont forget the higher 4.236 projections
will 81 turn your bands around?
right now, one min is up 3 and 5 min have flattened out (with upper bands around 89) and 10 15 and 30 are up ..note the mov avgs stayed positive on the 3 min through out. Really everything looks ok, but i hate being in the market late...
i still think we see 69 at a minumum but i wont wait more than 20 min or so
that is it for today! could have a potential divergence on hands or more trading range action here.
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11 14 2013 1 40 05 pm
well i just took 86.25 for a 2 handle profit.. its just too late for me...
good hold kool, upside looks done, lower high and sellers now

at least the market profile folks will have a nice value area to study tonight
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es 12 13 10 min 11142013