ES Wednesday 11/20/2013

Good morning. possible important day today. Fed min will have an impact at 2:00 est, so watch out for that. First the big picture remains the same. A move to 1773 would not do any real damage on the daily chart. (refer to yesterdays first post for the chart).As one who believes higher prices are in store between now and the end of the year, i guess im a bull , but short term ive been negative mon and tues. Last nite globex tested the 1782 low again and we are currently in a nice bounce off of it. Note the avgs have remained in negative posture most of the decline. It wont take a lot to turn them positive as you can see. Trading above 1787.50 for several hourly closes could do it.
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es 12 13 60 min 11202013
We are certainly in the time frame for this correction to end.. strong seasonals for the next few days after today that is. notice on the average of all days in the month, the timeframe could be right.
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And the November seasonal hint toward today, the 14th day of the month.
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This is why im hopeful that either a low is in at 1782 or a short distance lower soon.
It sure is possible, cause the 30 min is about to turn positive at the top of the hour if we can hang above 1786-6.50 for the next ten min
I will likely sell again for the usual 2 handles at 1796.00 to 96.75
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es 12 13 5 min 11202013
trying a small long here at 89.50 , very small (one contract only), cause my stop can be 88.00, but this could do nothing untill 2:00 est
I know im overposting again, today so this will it for a while...
bingo, ive been waiting 2 days for that 1780.25-1781.25 area... i pray thats the low of the day! and yes i went long and covered for 2 handles (1781.25-1783.25)
Well done, Kool!
rburns, wasn't that one of your single prints?
Ackwired 1782.5 next is 1774.25
Nice trading Kool
82.50 80.25...I guess my dyslexia kicked in again.
two nice bounces off the zones i mentioned below 82...not to mention 84.5-86 was a nice long in the morning and 94.5-96 was basically reached as well

they don't always do, but u have to enjoy it when things go as planned

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hope at least somebody was paying they stuck to the script 100% !

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here's what i have...pretty convoluted...i would still expect this market to test the 94.5-96 area at some point

84.5-86 below and below 82 i have 78-79, 74-76

good luck