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for the short term traders looking to cover at the extremes

but particularly for the longer traders looking for another leg up
this area MUST hold
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who used the tools to get on board at mondays bottom..

just exited at the target given by the tools

price will do what it wants from here

the tools simply allowed traders to take a chunk out of price and stand aside
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after making a new high, the SPY triggered the 886 algo in late day trading

looking for pullback as marked... if yesterday's high was of greater importance., then monday's low will have to be taken out

as always, price will do whatever it wants.
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spy 18450 stp
i do not think it was random that higher price stocks were used to replace the old stocks in $indu

todays dump in dow was based on recent adds

GS in particular stands out

at yesterdays high the 886 algo triggered and this morning went to its target forming BLT trade setup

where it also set up an abcd to 382 on larger time frame..

these are not bearish to send market lower.. unles the lows can be taken out
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separately, the TNA, AT THIS MORNING'S LOWS, set up short term buy signal
so i found my self short one index and long another...
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