ES Wednesday 1-15-14

gonna make this quick today as a warm up......two sell zones now...38 - 39 and 41 - 42.....very high odds we come back to 36 even in the day get short for that now in the overnight ......secondary sell zone is 41 - 42 if this zone fails....,,,,,trying to take the money and run.
downside projection was 1841.25, but we went to 1840.75 so that combined with the divergencies are making me nervous about any long tho i still think 1847.75 or higher is possible since that would satisfy the average daily range..
if they do want to take it lower , here would be my downside targets
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es 03 14 10 min 1152014
nice triangle here ,seen on the 5 up to 30 min charts.. when it breaks it has a target of 1850.75 or 1835.75 roughly speaking
It's about time to fill's been quite some time now.