ES Wednesday 1-15-14

gonna make this quick today as a warm up......two sell zones now...38 - 39 and 41 - 42.....very high odds we come back to 36 even in the day get short for that now in the overnight ......secondary sell zone is 41 - 42 if this zone fails....,,,,,trying to take the money and run.
trying first RTH trades from 39.......if shorts fail here and at 41 - 42 area then they will push to 45.75....I still favor short fade as long as 36 hasn't printed we are wanting our magnet to pull price back down now
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well so far I can't get more than 1.5 points out of a trade before getting stopped and magnet has not been hit yet....will try again from 42..hopefully slightly above... I know that 45.75 and new highs sit up at 46.50...will be using 39.75 as initial target off this 42 number..this a POC area from 12-31
well I just sold 42.75 and will sell 44.50 if they push that high ....will take the loss at new yearly highs if wrong....ruff start back so far....
thanks Kool...hoping to ease back in slow...revising first target to 40.75...
if these buyers are gonna get new yearly highs then that poc and single prints at 39.50 - 40.50 would have to hold any decline today...especially in this first hour and on any pull back now......I want them to do the test of that area to exit something off this short but so far nothing for me...... buyers are winning
not going to add at 44.50......hoping to get my 40.75 soon.....torture !!
only giving this till 11 a.m to either take my money or pay me....not gonna get lets this take over my day today
really need this 41.50 to break and actually attract some sellers...or at least enough of them to hit my 40.75 they are speaking my language man !!!...coming out heavy as my earlier campaigns off the 39 didn't make much ...this 39 - 40.50 is a tricky down at 39.50......
It's about time to fill's been quite some time now.