ES Wednesday 1-15-14

gonna make this quick today as a warm up......two sell zones now...38 - 39 and 41 - 42.....very high odds we come back to 36 even in the day get short for that now in the overnight ......secondary sell zone is 41 - 42 if this zone fails....,,,,,trying to take the money and run.
so far we have a failed break of the IB if we are real lucky and that 41.50 ledge can start to act as resistance then we still have a shot at the other side of the IB which would put us back to the 36 magnet....but I am not convinced it will be easy to drop through that 39 - 40.50 my meager runners would have to get lucky....another reason to always some out heavier up front and then sit back and not think too much about what happens next....watching every wag and wiggle of the ES can drive ya crazy....

and speaking of crazy , I am just starting to pull myself out of a "Funk" since mid November...... can't pinpoint the exact reasons but some pain meds I was on certainly didn't those now and hoping to be a bit more active soon...Hope all have been doing well
for those who follow the bell curves u can look at classic Mp chart of 12-31 and see how the far side of that bell curve was 43 was also the VA high of that they tested the far edge of that bell curve and came back to the center as they are supposed to do......just thought I'd put that out there to give something constructive today...I know it's hard to follow somebody just throwing out numbers
Get well soon, Bruce.
here is a chart explaining previous post for anyone hanging out today
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thanks Stockster....I think I'm on the plus side of this mood swing now ......
just went flat on runners at 41.50.....this swing low looks like its holding so I am assuming that the buyers are gonna win out and run it to new highs....they tested todays developing single prints and that POC from 12-31 and it's eems to be I have no good reason to stay short anymore....that was the test I wanted to see and it's over
wow...very nice and orderly structure...too bad I wasn't a good stop and reverse player...congrats to anyone who took those was a very logical spot for the bulls to try and hold.....the center of a previous bell !!
Glad to hear from you Bruce

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es 03 14 daily 932013 1142014
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es 03 14 10 min 1152014
It's about time to fill's been quite some time now.