ES Monday 1-27-14

the levels I am watching in the Overnight and for Mondays day session......hopefully the O/N session will help confrim these lines even more before RTh begins in the morning

a static chart and then a video

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No video below? Try this link: sunday_session.swf

Good call on levels that have unfolded so far into the overnight session Bruce! Thanks for all the masterful work - always!
a quick revision and update...85 - 86 is the magnet for me today
No video below? Try this link: revison_update.swf

Hey Bruce, welcome back. I've been away for a couple of weeks myself. Great to hear your golden tones again.
something to keep in mind...quite often you will hear me have an ultimate target or a plan for something to get retested. On Friday I thought we would trade back up into the 16 - 18 zone but that never happened. I trade just off the levels I generate and everything else is secondary and used only for runners. If you can get a 2 point reaction off your levels you will do very well trading. In other words we can be wrong on a longer term plan but still make money because we are trying to take small bites out of a market moves.

So it's ok to be wrong as long as you still make money .......the runners are used just in case we get it right. There is so much noise in the ES that it is very hard to hold for the bigger plan most days unless you are willing to give back some profits and use a wider stop.

So define YOUR levels and trade them. Probabilities are fun and interesting but not always very useful. The reaction at your levels is what you need to focus on!

lets all make money and shut it down early !!
thanks Bkay...lets hope my babble can help some make money and at least confirm their own areas of interest......welcome back too !!!
I'd like to see them be done with that 90 area now as On midpoint is still up for grabs.......
boggles my mind...someone takes the time to post charts and a video and somebody votes it down....too funny !! especially today where the numbers worked so well.......forums are CRAZY !!! u just never know what makes people tick ..
Just some malicious jerk, Bruce. You are most helpful, and I assure you, most appreciated!
keep up the good work bruce..let it be water off a duck back
so far from a logical point of view we are accepting prices at lower end of fridays value and under Friday POC...not a great sign if you were trying to get a good long working....c'mon O/N midpoint !!
Just some history as I live thru it on the floor. 1987 crash started with a big down thursday followed by a big down fri. Monday started up and gave way again. Tuesday morning they puked them out on the open with a few retests during the day. That was the low