ES Monday 1-27-14

the levels I am watching in the Overnight and for Mondays day session......hopefully the O/N session will help confrim these lines even more before RTh begins in the morning

a static chart and then a video

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No video below? Try this link: sunday_session.swf

There ya go.
today is a great example of how you would want to use your levels over something like the O/N midrange probability or overnight range break probability.....those who initially got long off the 85 would have wanted the O/N high but they sold it off in front of them...those who got short at the 90 would have wanted to get the O/N midpoint and the lows.......but ALL of us smart people ( that includes anyone reading this) knows that it's better to take off small pieces and use runners just in case you can get a probability to print for you....always best to use your zones as target BEFORE any kind of probability !

there is the O/N midpoint which falls right at buying tail/ single prints from friday....not snapped on my charts but a good place to get out if you got lucky on runners off the 90 zone.....ideally you would be out heavy long before the O/N midpoint anyway...that is my real point
thanks for the support here folks...I know people still try to push my buttons from my big mouth opinions of the past or something....I'm sure they have good reasons in their own mind.......82 is our next line and gap close is near there......I covered earlier and didn't hold beyond O/N midpoint but I hope it keeps dropping for anyone still working something down here
not trading anymore today....I think it's probably better to try a long at the 79 number and then near 76 - 77;...longs at the 79 would try to go get back to the 82 and longs at the 76 - 77 would want to get 79 first.....keep in mind where On low is...

c ya and good luck from here
Thx Bruce, Nice job
blowing through 79 is a no - no...odds favor a retest of that off the 76 - 77 zone...
sure wish I took that one....oh well ....that is classic stuff...blow through a zone and come back and test it...bears want to keep this on the south side of the 82 volume....ok nuff said....
Watching 1765.00 Composite LVN
Just some history as I live thru it on the floor. 1987 crash started with a big down thursday followed by a big down fri. Monday started up and gave way again. Tuesday morning they puked them out on the open with a few retests during the day. That was the low