ES Thursday 1-30-14

static chart and video...made a mistake saying that 81 is near yesterdays low.....meant to say "yesterdays Highs".....problem with these videos is that market changes sometimes before I can post I type we are hitting into our 81 - 82 line and usual it will all depend on where and what happens on the open and what zone we are opening near..

so if we opened and rallied above O/N high and we hit 84 - 85 area I would look for sells back to 82 zone entire 89 - 91 area if they can push that far in RTH....hopefully these will confirm your lines.....single prints currently exist in the On session at high of yesterday...more aggressive traders will be taking short trades above 82 up near 84 - 85 zone go back to 82 and the 79 retest...might be a good plan if you get a good signal in O/N session..I will be trying that now !
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No video below? Try this link: thursday_zones.swf

jing cut me off...that's I sign that I am babbling too much already.....those are the zones....taking shorts into 84 now....will use 82 as a target but keeping it small in On session.
any shorts in general will be trying to use 82, 79.50 and 77 as targets....hopefully we get a good chance in day session to trade at these highs too...if the shorts come above 89 in the day session then we will need to watch that 84 -85 and it would be best to try and take something off on a retest back down to 86 ahead of that zone...if we opened right now we would have two sets of single prints in the O/N session...........that's a no-no !!
im with u on that 84 short ,Bruce.. heres why
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es 03 14 15 min 1302014
cool- Kool...I loved the way they did the peak a-boo above the O/N high...that was awesome..right back to our 81 - 82 zone
now if we could only overtake yesterdays highs they we should get that VA high of 79.50...........this 81 - 82 has been strange...along with it being last weeks lows
yeah.. i gotta leave in a few so im covering here(1781.75 ).. Nice work pal.. im having an awesome day.. Gotta admit ,this high volatility is heaven for daytrading!
great job Kool...and please keep posting your other thread stuff too...people just don't vote that much but I think many are reading your updates...just my two cents...enjoy the day
took 79.50 and flat key zone is too close and Va players may be buying.....
anyone who is short need to watch that 82 closely...hope it keeps droping for is a quick pic of the composite and today unfolding....keeping it under that 82 bulk of volume should be good for further downside if they can get under that 76.75 - 78 zone
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I saw prices quickly bounced off 1778.00 yest Vol VA high and spike of Fed announcement in the "j" heading higher for now
do we have gap in data at 81?