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ES Monday 2-3-14

two quick pics of the zones I think are most's too early to confirm prices or come up with a plan but we must be mindful of that 80 area...that is also where a lot of time was spent last week...a week in which showed signs of the key question is are we balancing to make a new leg higher or are we balancing to show acceptance of lower prices to sell off....? I don't know and too long term for me.....Where we open today in relation to fridays VA will be important and give us some clues to see if we are to remain in balance still

one chart is the time composite and one shows the day sessions with key zone of friday and above and below...essentially the same areas
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Click image for original size
1754 50 major # a lot of people looking at
gartley projection
taking most off at 60 as I don't like that IB is completing and high odds that SOME IB range gets broken each day....what is good about this is that the IB is HUGE !! this entices me to trade again if we make new lows.....odds don't favor strong selling to continue for so long given such a big IB range...of course today that won't be true !! HA !
Originally posted by rburns

1754 50 major # a lot of people looking at
54540 weekly low from 12/16
Sorry 5450, Thanks rburns.
it really bothers me that they didn't spend much time at the 64 - 65 area I'm think an eventual retest but just not sure from where...seems like this is too much , too soon...
More sound advice, I'm with you on that Bruce. Nicely done today
Looks like your last post got deleted Bruce. That's the one I was commenting on, guess I should have quoted it. Did you pull it?
last runner stopped out at 63.25...just don't like those stops sitting at no good place for stop on last.......weekly low areas are always tricky and on Friday I had a big drawdown to gain one extra point...not gonna do that today...would rather just get out and let the rest go for the bigger pigs !!!
I thought it had posted twice so I deleted what I thought was one of all the commotion of trading and posting I don't even remember what I said.....that's scary ..
Originally posted by bkay59

Looks like your last post got deleted Bruce. That's the one I was commenting on, guess I should have quoted it. Did you pull it?
thanks for posting that ETM.....hard to beleive we have 3 sets of singles on the charts...lets see if they can get at least one cleaned up before days end...closing out my calls at single fill or days end...these weeklies have so much decay that holding overnight is not wise
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