ES Wednesday 2-5-14

Hopefully somebody will have time to watch before the market opens but I think these two videos go well together...yesterday eas inside to Monday so keep that in mind if u think they are breaking it out from one of the sides

levels for today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

how to confirm and refine zones
No video below? Try this link: refining_zones.swf

one last one as I wanted to show how you can just use the day session and may have misquoted some overnight areas on first video....but through them all you should get the ideas
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_finale.swf

thanks RB..I'll get that now
Hope this helps Bruce...

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es 03 14 30 min 252014
thanks sharks but I can't see to make it big enough to see the actual prints of the numbers to the tic...I can click on it and enlarge it but I can't see the specific numbers.......what are the yellow and purple bars to the left of the profiles......? I'm curious...any chance you canget those profiles bigger so I can see the scale to the tic...? I know I'm being a pain in the ass but I appreciate your help
1/31 Bruce trying to enlarge Friday best I can Monday's range very large

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es 03 14 30 min 232014
so far your friday matches perfectly with another source I am comparing Ib data does not as it clumps volume together.....even if you just right them out if you have you don't need to try and fit Monday on the screen....whatever is faster for you....I appreciate you taking the time here
sharks..your friday session seems to be missing data and only shows a high of 84.....I have fridays RTH highs at 88.50...something is wrong here
Sorry about that Bruce, my profiles didn't print out correctly. I have 1788.25 as a high on Friday. With 1764.75 as a low for Friday.
I have 1779.00 as a High on Monday and 1732.25 as a low.

yes that's what I have but your Volume profile seems accurate anyway......I think it's my IB data that is causing the problems as usual
I refreshed my charts after you noticed that, thank you for that.

gotta run for now be back a little later.