ES Wednesday 2-5-14

Hopefully somebody will have time to watch before the market opens but I think these two videos go well together...yesterday eas inside to Monday so keep that in mind if u think they are breaking it out from one of the sides

levels for today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

how to confirm and refine zones
No video below? Try this link: refining_zones.swf

one last one as I wanted to show how you can just use the day session and may have misquoted some overnight areas on first video....but through them all you should get the ideas
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_finale.swf

i made the second video on Tuesday so when I refer to "Yesterday " I am referring to mondays trading.....I hope that is clear
i just added a third video to first post to really drive the point home with day session only.....I tried the one minute break of the high after the dip to our 43 number today
I'd liketo see the OR range high hold and see them go all the way to 50 but don't think I will be so lucky......not thinking clear today due to lack of sleep
this 46 to 47.75 is gonna mess me up and probably find the sellers.......hope not....
we opened out of value so it was ok to do the one minute break trade but I go in much lighter we we open inside a range but out of value....if we opened outside of both I would have been on it heavier
Bruce are you using Mark Fisher principles
runers stopped will look to see if we can get price to firm up in single prints under the 41.50 to look for a long trade again...keeping in mind that they already rejected yesterdays VPOC and we are trading down away from higher risk.. ..if they can even drop it that far
no Rburns...what are those in a nutshell....does he use MY window...? LOL
trying from 40.50..I know that old POC from monday and yesterdays low are slightly under here but would really like them to keep it inside YD range