ES Wednesday 2-5-14

Hopefully somebody will have time to watch before the market opens but I think these two videos go well together...yesterday eas inside to Monday so keep that in mind if u think they are breaking it out from one of the sides

levels for today
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

how to confirm and refine zones
No video below? Try this link: refining_zones.swf

one last one as I wanted to show how you can just use the day session and may have misquoted some overnight areas on first video....but through them all you should get the ideas
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_finale.swf

my data has vpoc at 42.50 so comingout heavy there..
runner stopped at 40.75....
I'll need to see us at 37 before trying anything....otherwise the day is done for bothers me that YD lows matches current lows at 38.75...if I can see something then it might be best to find a short to run out those lows at the to wait to see if we can get back under single print at 41.50.....otherwise the buyers are off to the races.....we'll see...price has rallied to new highs up at I type this...will watch 50.50 - 51.50 for sells if they keep pushing...otherwise we may just being set up for another consolidation day
revising plan to start looking for shorts after we print under 43 if it goes down there...that 38.75 seems too manipulated
starting my hunt for shorts once we get back under the afternoon pull back low..and we are there now.....this won't be an easy trade as they may pop it up again a bit...
taking something at 41.50 just in case the buying tail people show up again...what a nutty day...will try to hold runners to new lows.......need some luck
flat and all out on runners at 38.50...beautiful.....that VPOc from Monday is at 37 so best to come clean...that's it for me...what a freaking weird day
if someone reading this could do me a favor if they get a chance...I'm looking for the VOLUME Value area highs and lows for RTH only for last Friday and this past , Monday and tuesday..trying to sort out a data issue..thanx
Here is the Fischer book ( free download) for those snowed in. He combines pivot range with opening range breaks and reversals, along with a few other things. Must be Bruces twin. Forward by Paul Tudor Jones
buyers need to get this above that 36.50 - 37...with out that then will drive down to 28.75 - 30.25 and below there is 23 - 24.75