ES Thursday 2-13-14

Hopefully somebody is trying to get long at Tuesdays VA low...VPOC just flipped to the low of the O/N is a picture...we know that evil 05.50 is up above as that was the spot they blew through On Tues too...

so looking at this chart we have that VA low and a volume node in the 02.75 - 03.50.....critical spot...below there will be 1800.25 and 97 .75....above that 05.50, we have a volume node from Tuesday and now a Time node from the O/N session so we need to be aware of 1809...above that is 1811.25 and then 14.25, 16.75 and 19.25...this On session is now trading down into the single prints from tuesday....see yesterdays stuff for that

those are the areas.....I think they may want to trade back to that 09 today but will use the lines as they are...usually we see some overnight traders get corrected in the day session so we should see some pop back up.......

on this chart the 9:30 label denotes a day session and where you see a date is an Overnight session..
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and here is a chart I have been experimenting with for is a 30 minute chart but it shows the VPOC's on also has a volume histogram in lower pane so I can see which volume nodes had loads of volume....note the clusters and especially that 03.50 with the big volume...also note all those volume clusters at 08.50 - it any wonder why the 09 is so popular in the overnight ??

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thirty minute
my runners are trying to target ledge at 08 even..this would put me out of the market before we get to those volume nodes above
Did you buy at the open, Bruce, or were you already in?
in general I think it's bad that we are under this 09 area........I think many will be trying to sell that if it prints......for me I am going to watching to see what happens if we come back down to the 05.50 and think about possible trying to trade for the O/N lows......I like the idea of also trying to sell this upper zone near now that we hit one of our 30 minute volume nodes but they may still try to shake us out by trying to push to that 09.75 would need to be the 05.50 and possibly O/N lows ....other area to try sells for me is 1811.25
I was already in and came all out .....I was thinking of buying the OR high but missed that add onl
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Did you buy at the open, Bruce, or were you already in?
all my sell attempts will be smaller due to the open and drive and the fact that we basically held that lower zone at 02.75 - 03.50
took loss on my 08.75...trying again and will average this is at 09.75 and if 11.75 will be 08.25
i know if they keep driving they will push to 14.25 but will not risk to there
added at 10.50...on way back down..that 11 area is part of single from Tuesday
taking something off at 09.25...just in case it becomes support and I want to get that loss made up for a bit...if the 09 holds they may push to the 14 ...that is my concern...I will also watch for the fake out if they make new highs again and start selling
if I can get this to sell off I will try for 08..that is ledge and in front of deveoloping vpoc at 07.75........don't trust this 09 though as is a volume node and may chop around before deciding direction...I think the better idea is to scratch this out and try again above that current high....
that is correct ...I would have been looking for that if I was trading that late in the day and had a number to work off of........those singles began at 23.50 so they did dip into them but didn't fill them in.......lots of good levels setting up for tomorrow...hope u were able to take something out of that attempt to fill in those singles.....perhaps in the On session ..always keep in mind they like those 2.5 - 4 point rotations of highs and lows.....point is to always take parts off on the way...nice observation daddy wolf !!
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so with 3 sets of single prints now in the day... would you be looking to revisit the last single at 1822? I think I remember you saying that it is rare to have 3 singles that at least the last one does not get tagged before end of day? price is at 1825 and back to one timing again for last 4 periods. Just wondering if this is a good trade idea...or just to stay off the train tracks as they move it on up?