ES Thursday 2-20-14

key numbers for me are 13.50 , 16.50 , 19.25 , 21.50 - 22.50 ( key zone ), 25.50 - 26.75 ( single print here from yesterday too but giving more power to the closing price) , big single at 28 - 30.50 ( 30.50 had lots of volume) and then 33.50 - 34.75 above .....I'd like to sell above the current On high as close to 30.50 as possible but watch if we start getting in singles from yesterday or buy at 22 and also the 19.25

key thing : yesterdays lows hit into the buying tail of 2-14 which hit into the single prints from 2-13..see chart

if we open above 26.75 then I will try to buy small at 25.50 - 26.75 to see if we can push back to the single at 28 and higher

a few charts to digest
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Thanks Bruce. I was looking at the low instead of the close. Makes sense.
if this is a good low then 27 is an ultimate target...big volume there
a closeup of the center bell curve from 2-13...note the LVn labelled that became important and why I mentioned that in first post....
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esh4part 2
that's it for me...not sure what will happen around this 27....good luck from here.....had three plans today...I missed the 26 long plan but got the 30.50 short plan and the 22 buy plan.....a very cool day....good luck if ya stay and play
Well done, Bruce. Thanks.
any buyers want this to stay above 25.50 - 27 now....let me leave ya with this............the BEST buy areas will come at the LVN area and the center of the bell when we drop down to them from above...the best sell areas will come at the LVN and center of the bell when we drive up to them...( u can also use time to create the bells )

.if this area can turn into support then I don't see why they won't eventually go get 33.50 watch to see if this area, especially that 27 number can turn into support
This is simply amazing Bruce. It helps all of us a great deal, just so you know.

Enjoy the rest of your day