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ES Thursday 2-20-14

key numbers for me are 13.50 , 16.50 , 19.25 , 21.50 - 22.50 ( key zone ), 25.50 - 26.75 ( single print here from yesterday too but giving more power to the closing price) , big single at 28 - 30.50 ( 30.50 had lots of volume) and then 33.50 - 34.75 above .....I'd like to sell above the current On high as close to 30.50 as possible but watch if we start getting in singles from yesterday or buy at 22 and also the 19.25

key thing : yesterdays lows hit into the buying tail of 2-14 which hit into the single prints from 2-13..see chart

if we open above 26.75 then I will try to buy small at 25.50 - 26.75 to see if we can push back to the single at 28 and higher

a few charts to digest
Click image for original size

Click image for original size
overnight vpoc is at 22.50 and On poc is 19.75 to help confirm two areas for us.....
I'm selling 30.50..........VA low is here now too..if right we will go back to 28.25 ..if wrong they will push it to 33.50 - 34 in a hurry, careful
I missed buy point on that drop down off open....would have been a good one but too fast...should have used one minute break out
best fill for me so far is 27.25....this took two tries today off that upper zone..trying for gap fill next ....perhaps a too obvious target
Good call, Bruce. Do you now have runners for 25 and 23.50?
will watch closely for last exit at 23.25....and will also look for a small long trade there but this will probably be it for me today....frustrating that I missed that one minute long early on...the one minute bounced right off that single print at 26.75......this really needs to stay below 28.75 or else we run the chance of this just chopping around and filling in ( accepting ) that late day selling theory that is still good for bears but how long can we wait around ?
yes...but only have last runner for the buying single edge your 23.50 is better than the 23.25 I typed in...sorry..hard to do this....I used gap fill as an exit as I thought all shorts would cause a pop up when we exit and buy back shorts
Saw the tail but not the gap. Either I don't understand gaps or my Sink or Swim software does not show them. Have to figure that out!
went flat at 22.75....hunting longs but will be small...that 19 is an area to lean on but not gonna be foolish...this would need to stay under 21 to cause us BULLS trouble
the gap is just where we closed........from the previous day..
Originally posted by ackwired

Saw the tail but not the gap. Either I don't understand gaps or my Sink or Swim software does not show them. Have to figure that out!
This is simply amazing Bruce. It helps all of us a great deal, just so you know.

Enjoy the rest of your day
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