ES Thursday 2-27-14

some context first... a look at how this week is unfolding....basically same as context chart we have been using
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next we look at Wednesday double distribution day.....note the two separate bell curves with an LVN in the middle at 1844.75...where is last weeks high ??? ok..u get it
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double dist

still no test of last weeks close 85 % that 44.75 becomes real important as we go into the last two days of trade

8:30 reports tomorrow morning so won't even attempt to formulate a plan yet until after those hit the market....
I thought fade of Ib high was risky but maybe we will get lucky and not see it come back out again..this will be even more rare than yesterday if we stay once again inside the range of the previous day
I hate the structure though here as we have all those TPO's building up and inside of YD's value area I am gonna assume that this isn't the HOD yet and hope that I'm wrong !!
runners flat at 44.75.......LOL..too funny today.....
hunting long off 44.25 now for O/N highs and new highs of day....stop is 42.25 and not babysitting it...last trade for's almost 11 ...and this is small
I have to go meet some landscapers at a rental I am getting ready to sell. Good luck, Bruce, and thanks for sharing.
filled at 43.75...hard stop at 42.25
take it easy..
first target will be 45.50 and then is O/N high.....assuming this actually works
took last off at 48.25...made us work 15 minutes xtra today but it payed off........a great example of how probabilities can hurt and help in trading...for me they seem to hurt more than help trying to get yesterdays lows...but we did use it to get the O/N a mixed review of probabilities for me today