ES Wednesday 3-5-14

best idea for me today will be to trade for the Overnight midpoint in RTH...hopefully we won't open too close to it....if they run out the overnight high then I would watch 77 - 77.50 and then 80 - 82 and 84

we still need to think about last weeks highs at 66.50 and the buying tail S1 level at 64 that becomes a key zone...then a LVN at 59.75 and volume node and daily s2 and fridays VPOC at the 57 area

here's a video for those who can spare 4 minutes or so..trying to get them under 3 1/2 minutes but haven't done it yet
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

and here is what this week looks like so far...( last profile onthe right )had to shrink it down to fit it but u can see the high and low volume spots
Click image for original size
marketprofile daynight
while it could shift before we open, the current On vpoc sits right at YD VA 71.50 - 72.25 will be an important reference for many reasons...weekly R1 is in that zone and that zone includes the close of yesterday too
I'm hoping we don't open right at that vpoc from the O/N...if that happens we will have to wait until it moves away from it...then use it as a return to magnet
this market wants to test 68.75
Should be a breakout of this tight range
Bruce, where you able to get anything going in the first 90 min? A lot of chop around taht 71-72.5 area


gap still at 70 is my ultimate target now !!...will they make me suffer off vwap...? Hope not
will comment later apk..sorry
70.25 is gap target..typo
hoping this pull back under vwap and to zero Ticks will help for lower prices....
here is an idea video and addresses what I looked at APK...not a great day by any means and small range....just ok...keep these concepts in mind when trying to use the traders trick entry and little 1-2-3 entries..
No video below? Try this link: enties.swf

got stopped at entry on last runner...looking for one last small short off this 73.25 area...may mess around and take a few tries as we approach the 45 minute before bonds close...that's some ledge down below