ES Wednesday 3-5-14

best idea for me today will be to trade for the Overnight midpoint in RTH...hopefully we won't open too close to it....if they run out the overnight high then I would watch 77 - 77.50 and then 80 - 82 and 84

we still need to think about last weeks highs at 66.50 and the buying tail S1 level at 64 that becomes a key zone...then a LVN at 59.75 and volume node and daily s2 and fridays VPOC at the 57 area

here's a video for those who can spare 4 minutes or so..trying to get them under 3 1/2 minutes but haven't done it yet
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

and here is what this week looks like so far...( last profile onthe right )had to shrink it down to fit it but u can see the high and low volume spots
Click image for original size
marketprofile daynight
Thanks Bruce
taking small short lunchtime trade off 72.50........gonna try for that ledge and lows at the 70.25...this has to be small and good risk points here
Thanks for the trade video Bruce
no problem..hope it helps anyone looking for some good context on entries and exits...there are now two gaps in the data which tells us we have a low volume if just looking at a 5 point range doesn't tell 70.25 and 71.25 now both have holes in the data..I don't want to see this back above 75 now.......this is a low volume manipulated environment.....they KNOW what we want and we WILL suffer !!
in my review of trading this morning and my trades I made a mistake by missing yesterdays POC of time...that was I should have at the very least made a zone out of the VPOC and POC from yesterday...I would have had better exits and even possibly got long....just pointing that out...todays current low is 69.25 to the tick.........just pointing out a mistake that I made as we are all human and this is part of trading...
taking the bulk of this trade ( it was small ) off at the 71.25....just in case they torture me some more...only holding one...a terrible time to trade.....
got stopped at entry on last runner...looking for one last small short off this 73.25 area...may mess around and take a few tries as we approach the 45 minute before bonds close...that's some ledge down below