ES Wednesday 3-12-14

two possible support points I'm using this morning and those are 57.75 - 59.50 but more important will be 53.75 - 55.50...I think there are good odds that we revisit 64 - 65 and hopefully that won't happen before RTH opens...if on long fades from either lower zone use 62 as a first target just in case we get resistance at VPOC of 2-28...upper target if real lucky today will be 69.....if wrong on long idea then we may see 49 and lower today

here is how the upper portion of last week looks against what is happening this week...concern on long fades will be that this is balance within balance so we know that can lead to trends
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and here is the day we are opening up inside of 2-28-14
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and finally what the On session is doing as I type
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we will be opening out of value so a good day for an aggressive trader to use either the first one minute range breakout or the first 1.25 point range.breakout...u will need to possibly take multiple tries from either side ( to go long or short)but you will eventually get one to go for 3- 4 points.... I hope !!! Vpoc of O/N is same as LVN from 2- 28 at a price of that seems to be the key this morning.....bell curve traders will be watching 59.75 to the center of the bell of 2- 28 at 1862.50...we will most likely open under that longs will be more difficult in theory... ...
I'm revising my first target idea to I will try to be a buyer down here and at 53.50 - to see them take one final push out and make new Overnight lows
long 57.50 and light as this is On and those weekly charts have me a bit spooked...better trades will come in RTH
I'm taking multiple longs down here and want to see what happens if they push under On lows.....I still think 60.50 will print..and also 63.75
60.25 is current high...I think that will get over run
coming out heavy at 60.50...try to get 63.75 on runners
60.50 was gap fill from 2-28
runners stopped ...will look again under O/N lows...glad they took that less thing to think about...gonna try small longs again at 56 with bigger plan to take trades at 53.75..use 58.25 as target
this is still traders market..I see no real signs that bigger players are I expect multiple tests of key O/N lows and open the same time we need to keep in mind the balance to trend concept...averegae fill price for me is 54.50 now..try for O/N low and 58.25
coming out heavy at 56.75 due to average in concept..On low is here
signals like these APK....this chart is 1 hour eastern time is really one hour behind the posted times at the bottom.......and forget the bands for now.....this has also been rolled to June hence the difference in need to add 7 points approximately to these to coordinate the numbers I was talking about

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Bruce, when you mention you did not get a signal, what type of signal are you looking at to execute ? Thanks, and great day today.