ES Wednesday 3-12-14

two possible support points I'm using this morning and those are 57.75 - 59.50 but more important will be 53.75 - 55.50...I think there are good odds that we revisit 64 - 65 and hopefully that won't happen before RTH opens...if on long fades from either lower zone use 62 as a first target just in case we get resistance at VPOC of 2-28...upper target if real lucky today will be 69.....if wrong on long idea then we may see 49 and lower today

here is how the upper portion of last week looks against what is happening this week...concern on long fades will be that this is balance within balance so we know that can lead to trends
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and here is the day we are opening up inside of 2-28-14
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and finally what the On session is doing as I type
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I'm hoping this VPOC shift down implies that the sellers of the O/N low are not getting rewarded any more and they will cover to pop it up higher
not much working now that 58.25 printed...I'd like to see a test of 55.75 after 10 a.m that holds to set up longside trades for that 63 area I mentioned earlier...the fact that they are able to retest open print and On low gives us some hint that the big money is NOT just selling and driving this in any particular direction yet...regardless of the gap down open
taking one more off at On midpoint and this new high....try to hold last for 63.50...this is center of Bell from 2- it may get choppy here...if sellers have there way they will push to 55.75 again...hope not !!
I still think 63.75 and 64.75 will print....unfortunately I don't know when ...ha !!
yesterdays low was 63 !!..I don't expect only one test of that low today..
that's me done at 63.75...even though I still think the 64.75 is coming....just no ammo and too noisey
Nice sequence Bruce. Those areas were solid today. Great job !

any longs would ideally want to c this keep one time framing up and stay above the vpoc and vwap at 59 - real clue from here...good luck
thanks Apk...IT'S TUFF WHEN we have multi- layered areas of support or resistance
I'm expecting a retest of 64.25 from either 66.50 or looking for selling clues up here near On highs.. keeping it small and then calling it a day...
signals like these APK....this chart is 1 hour eastern time is really one hour behind the posted times at the bottom.......and forget the bands for now.....this has also been rolled to June hence the difference in need to add 7 points approximately to these to coordinate the numbers I was talking about

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Bruce, when you mention you did not get a signal, what type of signal are you looking at to execute ? Thanks, and great day today.