ES Tuesday 6-10-14

here is how I see it......looking at 1937- 1938, 1941 and 44.75 - 45.75 as the key support areas on a lower open under 1950 says the rest...overnight inventory is currently all short so we can at least expect some trade on the high side of the open print..
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

anybody trying to buy the 45.75....? I am.....but prepared to add lower under O/N lows starting small...risk here is we tested into the VA lows of YD and rejected back we need to get back up above that VA low and soon ..otherwise we may be on the wrong side..
Looking for S2 at 41.25.
I have 45.25 and 43.75 working long and not liking it...volume at 44.50....I may bail on this or unwind something if it can get back up there to 44.50.....just a bit off on this and don't want it to run to that 41 with me long
got long at 45
unwinding part of my 43.75 at 44.75....when I plan an add on trade I always start small and add heavier on back end...
back at single print break down point is my next cover...the point when we broke down away from first bracket...gotta stay above 44.50 now or bears should take over to that 41 area...hope not
lots of people seemed to cover at 45.50....volume shifted up from 44.50 to 45.50 in this bracket..only holding one now for 47.50 volume if lucky
Nice scale in Bruce,
glad to see those O/N lows held for you...
Wasn't sure how to interpret that volume at 1944.50 but was aware of it.
well..almost an hour of trade is up ( 8 minutes to go ) and the VA is overlapping to lower than YD.....certainly not a great sign for a bullish bias with that LIMITED information......I'm watching that 44.50 - 45.50 closely......
Bruce, If you find the Holy Grail let us in on it please!!!