ES Tuesday 6-10-14

here is how I see it......looking at 1937- 1938, 1941 and 44.75 - 45.75 as the key support areas on a lower open under 1950 says the rest...overnight inventory is currently all short so we can at least expect some trade on the high side of the open print..
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thanks sharks...this is tricky SH*T now as we have a buying and sellingtail as we approach the completion of the IB....Dalton talks about how re-entering a previous days range implies low this would mean low confidence selling....maybe it will be true today...I'm not convinced yet....... as I type I'm convinced,,,just got filled on my 47.25...volume was there from first bracket........if I had more runners I would be a pig and try for the 50 retest knowing that we still might battle it out at YD VA lows...but ya can't cover what ya don't have...
I thought Dalton had some good points and summaries with these two webinars....the june 2nd and june 5th even if he is plugging his intensive..program...while I can't say that there isn't some fluff there are a few nuggets for those who have the time and desire to sit through them..........I was watching hockey on mute and listening to the webinar and checking outthe charts at various points of my suggestion would be to have something else going on and try to go through them//
thanks for that bruce
volume stepping in at 46.50 and previous bracket the volume stepped in at 45.50...all this really confirms is that they are battling it out at YD lows....I'm not gonna play along with them a second time today especially since we are stuck inside the IB...also I have conflicts....we spent multiple periods inside yesterdays VA low but really only one period under YD RTH lows.......spending a bit more time ( another bracket ) under YD low implies that the value will not be trying to build any higher today and we can expect a selloff down to that 41....if they canhold sellers off the 45.50 then 1950 and Ib high test is the market will either go up or down big bold letters !!

sure Bruce...sounds good and logical but will it actually happen ...? LOL !!! just another reaosn to trade the levels and not think too much.....the first hour to 90 minutes requires trading the levels...then outside the first hour we start thinking about context and I think it gets harder
no problem..hope u enjoy it
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thanks for that bruce
a quick look at the 30 minute brackets with the Volume POC's on them...the last 3 you see on the right side are the first 3 periods of today ( about to finish up the third period that closes at 11 a.m).....the others to the left are yesterday and part of friday
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ok..I think I've over posted today...catch everyone tomorrow and good luck if you play in here..i'll be around lurking and doing some research........I'm still pouring through boxes of old trading material and computers looking for something........
Bruce, If you find the Holy Grail let us in on it please!!!