ES Tuesday 6-24-14

Expecting us to trade back to 52.75 today and maybe higher...hoping to open under there....other key points for support will be 49.50 and 47....not looking to be a big seller today...reports at 10 too....

here is a video
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that 58.50 was a 30 minute VPOC on 3rd bar of the day.....and we know where r2 is
this market needs to start closing under 58.25 ( this is below a single print line too)or else longs may take over once more...and stopping the one time frame higher would be a bonus
vpoc flips to high of the day or at least all we really know is we have a battle going on up here...If I were long I wouldn't like this particular flip.....I would want to see them make new all time highs and keep going...not just linger up here..but in general we can't deny the bull strength...value is very wide so far compared to yesterday and higher...single print just filled in and bracket low test happened so if buyers are coming back this could be the first place....

a better place for them would be down at 55.25 - 56;
lots of folks expecting continuation higher but I'm not so sure....unless you can buy or sell and wait 30 - 60 minutes to capture 2 points then I would call it a day....summers here and it's even more important to take your trades early when volatility is highest...we left single prints behind as part of that two day high....quite often they need to come back to see if the breakout is real...this is especially true when we don't have a fed announcement or something that surprises the market...I don't consider the 10 am reports as a surprise..good luck from here
one last thing, a vpoc flip that happens at a daily pivot number ...the R2 today...implies that maybe just short term players are here...I would find it hard to beleive that if I was a 2000 lot trader instead of my usual 500 contracts ( just kidding) that I would be concerned about something as silly as an R2 level.....just something to think about in relation to vpoc flips........ask yourself where they are happening and is there an obvious point that many small frys will be watching...that may tell u who is really in the market
sorry, haven't really been around since 59.25 printed...

Price took out the all-time high, then reversed and took out the lows for the past two days. whoops.

I was in that Dalton 60 day intensive last fall... He didn't realize this, but he did express that he was reluctant to embrace a tail of 18 ticks... that it would have to be re-visited... I've noticed that when you get a line of singles over 16 ticks,,,, odds increase for non-acceptance at the edge of the envelope (of 16 ticks Plus)... anything large in terms of singles is suspect...

aa of close of 2nd bracket were 16 ticks, from High of first bracket of 1953.75 to the High of the 2nd bracket of 1957.75... that is exactly 16 ticks... smoke 'em if you got 'em....
and I also should point out (since no one comes here anymore) that Bruce's observation about the VPOC flip, combined with a set of singles 16 ticks long, might be a recipe for patience in a short position... But, of course, I have been talking with Jack Daniel's today so my comments are just Bar-Talk..

thanks sure is dead here...perhaps everyone is getting smarter and realizing that it's best to just trade early...either that or the stuff has become boring and repititious....your comments are refreshing though !!....there goes the weekly 80% probability for those who realized we got back under last weeks highs....always easier to see after the fact...I'm curious from here to see if we can come back up to 47 again......I have 37 - 38 and slightly under 42 to try this idea.....and it would only be small
Yeah, still hang out here but because of the time difference I signed off early and hit the hay ..thanks for the commentary tho guys ,it is still much appreciated.....btw Bruce, somewhere in here is more of yr good oil on trading the O/N how do I go about tracking it down please? Brent.T