ES Wednesday 7-16-14

some babble and lines....short bias but I will be real careful if we start getting above 81 and closing on 30 minute above there today...forgot to mention that the pivot and poc and close are all in the same area IF we get a good short that would be an ultimate magnet...I am not super confident on the short side on a higher open so I plan on trading smaller....concern is that we could make the new highs and run........I'm using key areas of 76 - 78.50 and 81 as a first resistance zone and will watch 73 - 74 as a first magnet and the spot sellers will need to take over to win early on...we need to be careful because an down outside bar on the daily failed and didn't close in the lower 20% of it's range so all the sellers may cover in RTH and push up more....just something I think about....
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

took me out and down she goes.
Gap @ 1975.00 -1975.25 on IB data also.
nice hold bruce
I have to say this forum is helping me a lot.
I'm beginning to see how I can deal with this open drive concept.
Thanks Bruce, Paul, apk, bkay and others.
long 71 pitbull -5.5
one cover at72 stop at 69.75 on last one ..looking for 75 gap in data
move stop to 71.75
wow 9 post from me sorry about that..have good day.. stop out too
terrific comments today...
if anyone wants a pretty concise synopsis of Market Profile and the things to watch and why. check this out